Are you looking for a more independent cat that would be great outdoors? We at the SPCA have a program called the Barn Buddies – for cats who are not suitable to live in a household situation.  These cats would be ideal for rural farms, warehouse, businesses’ or shop situations. These cats can help keep your rodent populations down however they will require daily feedings and water changes as these cats cannot live on what they hunt for food.   These cats will be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations as well as micro-chipped. The cats will be helping you and you will be helping the cats by providing a safe place to live. These cats will require long term veterinary care as needed/required.  To see if we have any Barn Buddy cats please give the shelter a call or check out the adoptable cats on the website (only those qualified for Barn Buddies will say so in their description).  Or if you would like more information on the program please call the shelter.