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Disturbing incident

A couple of days ago a young man brought two cats to us that he rescued from the side of the TransCanada Highway by Herbert. He stopped there at the side of the highway because he spotted a bright yellow bag violently shaking on the shoulder of the road. He bravely opened the bag to discover two adult cats, one brown mackerel tabby cat and one black cat. Needless to say the animals were pretty stressed. Learning the circumstances surrounding how these cats came to us leaves me wondering how events like this can be prevented. In the past couple of months we had to turn some cats away due to a disease outbreak and occasionally due to no more room at the inn. I hope that these cats were not abandoned due to this. As of today we are again full with cats and kittens. As a result we are requesting that anyone wishing to surrender a cat, bring in a stray cat or trap any cats to please contact us prior to arriving at the Shelter. It puts us in a very difficult situation when people insist that we take a cat when we have no room. Part of our practice dictates that any cat or kitten that comes into the Shelter must be in quarantine for a minimum of 3 days which means that we have to have an open kennel in quarantine to accommodate this. Simply placing a cat in the adoption rooms without careful observation of its health puts all of the cats here at the Shelter at risk. Thank you to everyone who takes the animals’ best interests to heart.


  1. I hate when people abandon cats and other pets. If they can’t take care of it, they should find someone who does, not leave the animals alone to suffer. If I was closer to Swift, I would happily help you out by fostering some kitties. I live in Climax, and we have an alley cat population of at least 20, but many people feed them, and one man even opened his shop for them for when it gets cold in the winter. I even feed the strays, and let them into the house occassionally. Its these little gestures that help us live with these creatures, and I hope that some people come to the Shelter and adopt some of those gorgeous kitties (Brent and I have our eyes set on Spitfire, Spitz, and Winter, but our lease does not allow pets)

    Thanks for the great blog, I look forward to reading more:D

  2. the reason ppl dont know how to deal with unwanted pets is due to not spaying and neutering ! u may give your pet the world but u aint still a good owner unless u spay and neuter then you r the best !

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