Hot cars

Dogs die in hot cars

Now that warmer weather is at last with us, it’s not too soon to remember just how bad it can be for our canine friends. Everyone’s opened a car door and been amazed by how much hotter it is than outside — but you may not realize exactly how hot a car can get. When it’s 22 degrees, a car in direct sun can quickly reach an internal temperature of 46 degrees. Even in the shade, a car can be 10 to 20 degrees hotter than outdoors, and cracking the window has almost no effect.

Dogs don’t have sweat glands all over their bodies like humans do, so the main way they can cool off is by panting, which isn’t very efficient. Once a dog’s body temperature gets over about 40°c — normal temperature is around 38°c — the result can be everything from nerve damage, heart problems, liver damage, systemic organ failure, and it happens fast, within a matter of minutes.

Please, leave your dog at home on hot days.