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I’m Lost-Help Me Get Home

With so many cats and dogs coming into the SPCA this summer it’s important to remember to have your animals Tagged or Microchipped so that they can easily find their way back home.
If you live within the city limits you can purchase a dog or cat licence at City Hall or here at the SPCA. A Dog Licence costs $28 with a reduced fee if you have proof of the animal being Spayed/Neutered and Vaccinations. Cat Licence’s cost $10 with a reduced fee if you have proof of the animal being Spayed/Neutered and Vaccinations. Also note that Licences are now half price for the rest of 2012.
If you don’t live within city limits and live in a town you can purchase licences from your town office.
Or if you are in a rural area you can purchase a custom made tag from any of the Veterinarian clinics in Swift Current.
Another option that works quite well especially when your animals do not like to wear their collars or tags or if they lose them frequently is to come in and get a microchip implanted. By doing so, if your animal is brought into any Veterinary Clinic or SPCA across North America your animal can be scanned and reconnected to you via PETIDCO. The fee to have this done is $25 and it can be done at the Swift Current SPCA.
With so many options now available it is now easy to avoid a lot of stress and worry on you, and stress on your animals, when your animal goes missing. Help your animal find its way back home!


  1. We found a shitzu puppy in the middle of the road by Peck Lake SK. He has tags for swift current it appears his name is “Moe”. He seems to be a very well trained house puppy and we would really like to reconnect him with his family.

    We are wondering what the first step to reconnecting him would be? There is no phone number or anything listed on his tag. My contact information is 306-753-9531 or email conradpaul@sasktel.net

    Any advice would be appreciated!

  2. Please call the Swift Current SPCA at 773-1806 tomorrow, Tuesday September 4, with the information and we will try and reconnect Moe with his owner. (Sorry the SPCA is closed today).

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