We will advertise any stray and impounded pets on our website and social media. We also automatically check for a microchip on the pet to try to reunite pet and owner.
Cats and dogs will be held for 3 days as strays before becoming part of our adoptable pet listing. If pets are not reclaimed within this time they become an SPCA adoptable pet (once all health processes are completed).
In some instances,an owner may want to reclaim a pet after the “stray” period has expired and it has become an adoptable pet. This may be possible if the owner comes forward within a reasonable timeframe. For example, if the owner is just a day or two past the “stray” period we would oblige the owner. All relevant fees for costs incurred by the SPCA for the animal must be reimbursed; refer to our Fee Schedule here: https://spcaswiftcurrent.com/fee-schedule/ . This is generally the sum of the impound and boarding fees but it may include the costs of any necessary medical treatments which have been started.

Many people have a kind interest in seeing pets return home and we appreciate the efforts of members of the public to spread news on strays. The shelter does, however, reserve the right to control access to pets in the shelter at the discretion of the shelter manager to ensure the welfare of the pet. In order to access and reclaim a pet we will need some form of proof of ownership such as the animal’s health records from a vet stating owner name and address which should match the owner’s ID. As well the description of the animal should match the vet record. A City-issued license is another potential form of ID which the SPCA will check with the city. A third option is a valid adoption contract if the animal was obtained from a shelter. All owners should be prepared to present their own personal photo ID as part of the process.