Just a few friendly reminders for pet owners in this cold weather. Indoor and outdoor cats and dogs both need a fresh water supply during the winter. Outdoor animals should have access to fresh water (not just ice or snow) and to food at all times as the cold weather demands extra calories. As well, cats and dogs need to have access to a shelter free from wind and snow. Outdoor cats can do well with a small shelter with a light bulb as a heat source. Straw bales are great insulators and can be used to line a shelter for cats and dogs both as the straw will also absorb moisture preventing the animals from getting chilled from being damp. Our indoor pets may still wish to have their outdoor excursions but keep in mind the wind chill factor. If your face and hands hurt in the cold, our pets’ paws and ears will feel the same way. Take advantage of the warmer sunnier days to burn off some of the cabin fever that can ensue if your dog hasn’t been able to enjoy her daily walk.