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Shelter hours for the Holidays
We thank everyone for their generous support throughout 2014, and hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas. Our Shelter hours to the public during the holidays are as follows:

  • Christmas Eve Dec 24th – Open 12:30 – 3:30pm
  • Christmas Day Dec 25th – CLOSED
  • Boxing Day Dec 26th – CLOSED
  • Dec 27th – 31st – Open normal hours
  • New Years Day Jan 1st – CLOSED
  • Jan 2nd on – Open normal hours

Of course, care for the animals continues even when the shelter is closed to the public. We couldn’t do it without the dedication of our wonderful staff, and their hard work is appreciated. Thank you!

Our new website layout is much friendlier to tablets, cellphones and other mobile devices, as well as your laptop and PC. We’re still debugging it, so please bear with us if there are any glitches!

Santa Paws a great success!

Despite the very cold weather on the day, lots of people and pets came to see Santa and have their photos taken with the jolly old fellow! A big thanks to Cowtown for once again hosting the event on November 29th, and of course our gratitude to Santa for taking time out of his busy schedule to enjoy time with the pets! Here’s a short video montage put together by our photographer Deanne Larson, who also receives our thanks for doing such a great job.

Celebrate Christmas at the Bookstore!

SPCA Book Store Volunteers have a ‘Pet Project’ this Christmas season. We’ve put out a basket of home-made & donated tree decorations. Put a donation in the ‘kitty’ and place a decoration of your choice on our tree. We’ll use the funds to purchase kitty & puppy chow for the Shelter! Spread the word! Visit the SPCA Bookstore today!

Pre-order your SPCA Calendars here!

Adopt a Senior Cat or Dog!

Many people automatically think of a puppy or kitten when they are considering adopting a pet. They’re warm and cuddly, and everyone wants to hold and pet them. But puppies and kittens demand patience and energy to help them become wonderful family members and companions. Older dogs or cats, however, can be as cute and lovable, and they often come with many wonderful qualities that youngsters take years to grow into.

Maybe you are reluctant to adopt a senior pet because you fear that your time with your new best friend will be short, bringing that painful time of loss closer. But the privilege of loving a senior dog or cat makes every single day special, as you and your companion share love, friendship, and a special relationship that grows stronger with the knowledge that you have given this fine old feller a second chance at life. The love that grows from this knowledge is stronger than the pain of eventual separation.
So spread the word! Adopting a senior dog or cat is a wonderful experience for you both. You will gain a faithful companion. You will save a life. And don’t forget, senior dogs or cats and senior people bring out the best in each other. They make great friends!

  • When senior pets are adopted, they seem to understand that they’ve been rescued, and are all the more thankful for it.
  • A senior pet’s personality has already developed, so you’ll know if he or she is a good fit for your family.
  • A senior pet may very well already know basic household etiquette!
  • Senior cats are often already litter trained and are less likely to “forget” where the box is.
  • Senior dogs know that great outdoors is for eliminating and the house is for relaxing. Your carpet will last longer with a senior dog.
  • A senior pet won’t grow any larger, so you’ll know exactly how big an animal you’re getting!
  • Speaking of relaxing, senior pets make great napping buddies.
  • Senior animals are some of the hardest to find homes for — so when you adopt a senior cat or dog, you’re truly saving a life.

There is also a substantial reduction in the adoption fee for any of our senior cats and dogs

A Test Drive?

Let’s face it, not every animal would be a good fit for you. But we’ve also seen some unexpected matches of the most unlikely pets and people. Hence our Test Drive program. Ok, so you don’t actually drive them, but we think you know what we mean – take your potential pet home and see how things work out. Give it a fair go – don’t expect too much too soon. And if it doesn’t work out, bring them back to us with no hard feelings – we want them to go to the right home, both for the animal and the humans. So if you’re looking for a furry Ferrari or a purring Porsche, we have several racey models on the lot now. Why not drop by for a test drive?

SPCA Swift Current is a local organization dedicated to finding responsible caring life-long homes for lost, abandoned or unwanted animals. This includes preventing unwanted litters by incorporating spaying and neutering in all of our animals’ adoption fees. We are not funded by the provincial or federal government, nor are we connected or affiliated to any other shelter. We are a no-kill facility. We do not euthanize animals solely for space – only in rare cases of severe medical issues or aggression.

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We are looking for Foster Homes!

Being a foster parent to an animal in need of a little TLC can be a very rewarding experience. Some of the homeless animals that come into our shelter have a hard time adjusting to life at the shelter while they wait for their new homes. By placing them in a foster home, it allows us to give an interested adopter a better insight into the animal’s likes and dislikes, good or bad habits, and its ability to get along with children and other pets. When the animal is adopted out there is a less chance it will be returned to the shelter for some underlying problem that would go undetected at the shelter. There are many ways someone can foster an animal. If you are interested in helping, please call the Shelter at 773-1806, or send us an email requesting an application form to info@spcaswiftcurrent.com
Find out about our foster Angels program here

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