Quite the opposite actually!

While some cat owners will argue depriving a cat of outdoor freedom decreases its’ quality of life, the reality is vastly different. There are many dangers posed to cats that are allowed to wander at will. Cats can be hit by cars causing devastating  or fatal injuries, diseases and unwanted pregnancy are also concerns for the animal as well as falling victim to a predator results in the deaths of dozens of cats every year. Cats at large are also prime targets for cruelty, whether that be trapping and inappropriate disposal or they can become easy targets for those looking to abuse animals.


Aside from theses risks associated with letting you cat run at large, depriving a cat of adequate food, water or shelter is an offense under the Animal Protection Act and allowing a cat to run at large could be considered an offense under the City of Swift Currents bylaws.


In closing, Indoors…. not so bad after all.

Melissa Topham, RVT
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