Kitten Season

Spring = kittens. So many kittens.

We have had many calls lately about litters with no momma cats and we are currently at capacity for cats.

If you can help as a short-term foster willing to take cats and/or kittens, please contact the shelter and we will give you more information. The need is urgent!

If you are trying to care for young kittens while waiting to get them homes or to us, a couple of care notes below:

1. Kittens can not have cows milk. It is not a substitute, they get no nutritional value from it at all. KMR which is a cat milk substitute can be purchased at vet clinics. But there is a way to make it at home for minimal cost:
1 cup evaporated milk
2 tsp of plain or vanilla yogurt
1 tsp of corn syrup
1 egg yolk

2. Young kittens have to be stimulated to relieve themselves. A warm wet cloth acting as momma tongue will help the kittens go, as they cannot without the stimulation.

If you have questions about caring for kittens give the shelter a call at 306-773-1806.