Being a foster parent to an animal in need of a little TLC can be a very rewarding experience. Some of the homeless animals that come into our shelter have a hard time adjusting to life at the shelter while they wait for their new homes or we may be at capacity and require space for incoming pets in need.

Fosters can choose what types of animals to take in and length of stay can vary; we work with you to schedule times and placements that work for you and our pets. Fosters are supported by the shelter through the placement and the shelter is responsible for any vet costs required for the pet. Your observations also allow us to give an interested adopter a better insight into the animal’s likes and dislikes, habits, and its ability to get along with children and other pets.

Call the Shelter at 306-773-1806 for more information about fostering or download an application here   and drop off the completed form at the shelter.