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Bookstore Christmas

Celebrate Christmas at the Bookstore! SPCA Book Store Volunteers have a ‘Pet Project’ this Christmas season. We’ve put out a basket of home-made & donated tree decorations. Put a donation in the ‘kitty’ and place a decoration of your choice on our tree. We’ll use the funds to purchase kitty & puppy chow for the… [Read the full article…]

Christmas gifts?

If you are looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts, look no further than our Bookstore!  With a wide range of pre-loved literature, you’re sure to find something for everyone! Cartoon VHS tapes 50¢ each Childrens’ Christmas books 25¢ each Christmas Paperbacks 50¢ each Christmas Hardbacks $2 each Why not stop by – all sales benefit your… [Read the full article…]

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