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Barn Buddies

  Are you looking for a more independent cat that would be great outdoors? We at the SPCA have a program called the Barn Buddies – for cats who are not suitable to live in a household situation.  These cats would be ideal for rural farms, warehouse, businesses’ or shop situations. These cats can help… [Read the full article…]

Happy Holidays…. the Hidden Dangers

Christmas is just around the corner and along with the excitement and fun of the holidays it can be a hazardous time for our pets.   The top ten holiday hazards are;   Chocolate! –  As yummy as it is for us and likely as yummy as it is four your pet do it can… [Read the full article…]

Lets talk about your indoor cats

We posted previously on tips to keep your outdoor animals safe this winter, but what about our indoor cats!? Hopefully you have been enjoying our relatively warm winter so far, however it is evident that the temperature will start to drop soon, making it a perfect time to curl up with a good book, a… [Read the full article…]

Brace yourselves…. Winter is Coming

Winter is coming….. actually it may already be here! Keeping ourselves safe and warm is extremely important as the weather turns colder, but what about keeping our pets safe and warm? Just like us, our pets can suffer from the effects of the cold, they can become hypothermic, or get frostbite as well. Here are… [Read the full article…]


Yep you read that right, backpacks! Not just any backpack, your child’s backpack to be specific. With the school year now in full swing, here is some  helpful information you and your kids need to know. Did you know many things found in your child’s backpack can be potentially very dangerous for your pets?  For… [Read the full article…]

Halloween and your Pets!

BOO! Halloween is here and while you may not think its too scary it can be a terrifying time for your pet! Here are some tips to make Halloween a less “hallowing” time for your pet!     If your pet is wary of strangers or has a tendency to bite, put him or her… [Read the full article…]

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