IMG_1372We have lots of amazing people at the SPCA that volunteer, offer services, raise money, and just help out in general. But some of the biggest help we receive that’s more “behind the scenes” from the social media, and the website, are two wonderful vets who help our shelter in ways we can never thank them enough for. We had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Lynn Smart and Dr. Ryan Ridgway from Southwest Mobile Pet Care. Check out the interview we did with them, and if you see them, make sure you thank them for all the amazing work they do with the SPCA!!

SPCA: What got you into the veterinary field?
Answer: We both loved animals and grew up on farms. We wanted to do something that would make a positive impact and be a rewarding career.

SPCA: What do you like most about your job?
Answer: Being able to help animals and their owners because we are animal lovers ourselves.

SPCA: How do you feel about the SPCA, and being able to help the shelter with one of its biggest needs?
Answer: We feel that the SPCA plays an important role in helping animals find homes and protecting animal welfare. By being able
to help with vaccinations, spaying and neutering, we are able to improve the welfare of many other strays and inside/outside pets. Spaying and neutering also reduces the number of future unwanted pets and strays in the city. Rabies vaccinations are very important to public health as stray animals are the main source of human rabies infections in the world.

SPCA: Any last thoughts or remarks?
Answers: We love when we see adopted pets in their new home and how they have changed. We feel that shelters such as the SPCA in Swift Current, and their veterinarians play an important role in the overall health of a community, animal and human alike.