On Saturday 10th October we took part in Alysa’s Memorial Dog Walk followed by the opening of our “Alysa Young Cat Playroom” at our shelter. The sun shone brightly for the large group of people and dogs that took part in the walk and a large crowd of people also came to our shelter for the official opening. We would like to say Thank You to the Young family for allowing us to be part of this day and to everyone that took part and made generous donations to our shelter.

Alysa 7  Alysa 9  Alysa 11 Alysa 12

                Alysa 14                 Alysa 6

                                                Alysa Walk Group Pic

                           Alysa Young Cat room                               Alysa Walk 18

                          Alysa 16                        Alysa Walk 17