We had an opportunity to speak to Devon Oman, one of the writers and producers for “Swift Nightmares”, the latest film offering from himself and Dead Prairies Productions. Devon is a very strong supporter of the SPCA, and his previous film, Zombageddon was a big success, and the proceeds from it all went to the SPCA. Here is our interview with Devon!

Q: What got you started into making movies?
A: I’ve had a passion for horror movies, and I fell in love with them thanks to my dad and brother. Ever since than, I really want to make a movie. I didn’t care how big the budget is, I wanted to make a full length movie before I passed away. And I achieved that with Zombageddon.

Q: Tell us a little bit about Swift Nightmares, which is showing on October 31st.
A: Swift Nightmares will be a little bit like “Tales from the Crypt” with 3 short stories put into 1 full length film. One of them will be about clowns, the other about vampires, and the last about ghosts. They are all different writers; Wendy Lockman did the one about ghosts, Reuben Parker wrote the vampire one, and I wrote the clown one. They are all different directors too, so it gives more people a chance to show their creative side. With this movie, it expanded so people can show their other talents besides just acting.

Q: With the making of your movie last year, Zombageddon, you donated all the proceeds from ticket sales, merchandise etc. to the SPCA in Swift Current. Why did you pick the SPCA?
A: I can’t speak for others, but I’ll speak for myself. I have 3 dogs I rescued from the SPCA, and it’s something I strongly believe in. I think they deserve another chance, and I just really love animals.

Q: What have you raised thus far and donated to the SPCA?
A: So far, we have raised over $4000 with DVD, ticket sales, and other merchandise. Sales keep coming too, people keep asking me about DVD’s, so that’s pretty cool too.

Q: You mentioned you had 3 shelter dogs, tell us a bit about them.
A: Well, there is Cujo, he’s a St Bernard/border collie, and Australian cattle dog, he’s a mixture of things. There’s Cash, he’s a chow-chow/german shepherd, and there’s Teddy Bear, and she’s a Newfoundland lab.

Q: All 3 of them you got from the SPCA in Swift Current?
A: Yes I did.

Q: How has the experience been with them so far?
A: Honestly, it’s been amazing. They are amazing dogs, and I haven’t had any issues with them.

Q: So the 2nd chance, 3rd chance dogs, you’re an example that these dogs that are given up aren’t “bad dogs.”
A: Yes, and I honestly don’t believe that there are bad dogs, I just believe in bad owners. You can go to the SPCA and get a chihuahua. You can go and get a St Bernard, there’s a lot of options. They aren’t just big dogs, there’s little dogs too that all deserve another chance. You can even find puppies. And if you’re not a dog person, they have lots of cats and kittens too that are all deserving of finding homes.

Thanks so much to Devon Oman for sitting down with us, you can catch his latest film project, “Swift Nightmares” on October 31st at the Living Sky Casino Sky Centre. Tickets are $10, and available at Pharmasave and Creative Video. All proceeds once again, will go to the Swift Current SPCA. We can’t thank Devon enough for his continued support!!