“Hello, I just thought I would send a quick email about Nadia. We have currently had Nadia for two days, I picked her up at the mall on Saturday. I don’t think I could thank Pamela enough for sending me and my daughter in Nadia’s direction.

She has quickly become a family member to not only myself and my two kids but surprisingly also my two dogs. After the first couple hours of playing chase it only took a day before my dogs were cleaning her face and ears and she was kneading into their chests and playing/chewing on their tales.

She walked into our home like she belonged here. She climbs all over the place, she try’s to knock pictures off the wall, she LOVES to lay in the sun in the floor or the couch, and will take the food that you are eating right out if your hand… but it all feels so right. And she is always up for a cuddle and a purr. She lets the kids carry her around anywhere and she even rubs up to the dogs for some attention when everyone else is busy.

Again all I can say is thank you. I already felt like our home was complete but I could not be happier with the choice we made. She is the perfect addition to our family. I am sure we will be in shortly to finish up with the adoption.

The Ferguson’s”

Please do keep sending in your emails – we love hearing how our cats and dogs are doing!