We love getting your emails, and here’s one we recently received:

“Swift Current SPCA

Back in late June we saw a picture of this cat (Pascal) on the SC SPCA Facebook page. We have never adopted from the SPCA before, so we were a little nervous. We were worried our current cat would not accept her. We decided to take a risk and slowly integrate Winnie AKA Pascal into our family. Winnie has been nothing but amazing. She is very affectionate, friendly, and loves to be pet. Her claws have taken some getting use to as she uses them like fingers when she wants to get her hands on you. Lol! Our other cat, France is “tolerating” her now and Winnie has certainly made herself at home.
Thank you!
The Ellerston family”

Thank you, Ellerston family, for adopting Winnie and giving her a new home!