There are many dangers for our pets during the holidays, here are some helpful tips to try and prevent any emergencies this holiday season!

1. Place your Christmas tree in a corner, blocked off from your pet’s wanting eyes. If this doesn’t keep your dog or cat from attempting to jump onto the tree, you can place aluminum foil, a plastic drink bottle filled with knick knacks, or anything else that creates noise on the tree’s bottom limbs to warn you of an impending tree disaster.

2. Tinsel can add a nice sparkling touch to the tree, but make sure you hang it up out of your pet’s reach. Ingesting the tinsel can potentially block their intestines, which is generally only remedied through surgical means.

3. For those buying a live Christmas tree this year, keep the area free and clear of pine needles. While they may not seem dangerous, the needles can puncture your pet’s intestines if ingested.

4. If using plants to decorate,  please remember holly, lilies, Christmas roses, amaryllis, mistletoe and poinsettias are toxic to dogs and cats and must be kept out of harms way. 

5. Christmas tree water can become stagnant, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and other unhealthy organisms. It may also contain fertilizers and other preservatives designed to keep your tree fresher longer. This water may pose a disease threat to a thirsty cat or dog who samples the water.

6. It is important to keep chocolate, and foods containing chocolate, well out of reach of dogs and cats, as it is very poisonous. Other hazards for your pet are onions , grapes  and raisins to name a few. The severity of grape and raisin poisoning is not dependent on the amount eaten, so even one or two grapes or raisins can be highly dangerous.


All in all here’s to a safe and healthy holiday season!

The Swift Current SPCA wants to extend warm holiday wishes to all of you! That being said we are going to be having some specific holiday hours. December 24th- December 27th we will be closed, as well as January 1st and 2nd. We apologize for any inconveniences!

Melissa Topham RVT

Operations Manager

Swift Current SPCA