I sit in my kennel day by day
Waiting for someone to take me away
Many people come and many do go
Why I’m not picked…I do not know
Please do not get what I’m saying wrong
I am sheltered and safe and I am strong
So thankful to those who rescued me
Who saved me from uncertain destiny
The love they give is unyielding and true
But I’m awaiting someone like you
To take me away to my forever home
Freed from this kennel to openly roam
In a home that is mine to completely share
With someone full of compassion and care
Search your heart…your soul…your mind
I may be a treasure that you will find
The one you have always dreamed of
Filled with gratefulness, joy and love
The one that makes your home complete
Please come on down and let us meet

(c) Giselle Forest