The Swift Current SPCA is a safe place to house cats and dogs that need to find new homes. Most of our animals have come to us as strays. However there are some that come here as surrenders. Most surrenders have to do with a change in circumstances within the family unit that they were in. Usually meaning that the owners still love their animals and really don’t want to give them up but find that they have no choice.

We have found that there is a common misconception about the Swift Current SPCA’s in regards to the notion that ALL SPCA’s euthanize animals to make room. This is not the case with us. The Swift Current SPCA does not euthanize any animal to make space for more. We do not euthanize animals that are harder to place. The only time we will ever euthanize an animal is when it has a serious illness or injury that cannot be effectively treated through us and therefore the animal is suffering.

Because we have limited space, surrendering your animal to the Swift Current SPCA should be a last resort. We recommend first that you advertise your animal to see if you can find them a home yourself. Networking and talking to family and friends is another suggestion. However, if all your options have failed then certainly call the SPCA and see if we have room. If we don’t have room we can place your animal on a waiting list and we will call you as soon as space becomes available. This ensures that even if you are in dire straits to surrender your animal you have many options available to you and you will not have to abandon your animal somewhere.

Every healthy animal that comes to us finds a home eventually. Some may find homes quickly and some may take longer but they do find a home. And as an SPCA we do our very best to find them good homes.

So take heart, surrendering your animal to the Swift Current SPCA is not a death sentence. Having to surrender your animal due to unforeseen circumstances is hard enough without having to worry about what could become of your pet. Be assured that your beloved pet is in good hands with us.