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Thank you!

This week we would like to thank … – Paul Kurtz for a monetary donation made in memory of Gunter Weiner. – Janice George for a monetary donation! – Sheri Herbert for a monetary donation made in memory of Sharee & Les Oman. – Lori Oman for a monetary donation made in memory of Sharee… [Read the full article…]

Thank You Thursday!

This week we would like to thank … – W R McGregor Campbell for a monetary donation – Voll Oil for a monetary donation made in memory of Robert Manegre – Janice Muhle for a monetary donation – Canadian Tire for a generous donation of shelter supplies – Peter, Shirley and the entire Young family for… [Read the full article…]

A Massive Thank You!

We would like to give a massive thanks to a generous donor who made a huge donation of $5000 in memory of Barrie & Katherine Burke. Barrie & Katherine were huge animal lovers and rescued many animals in their lifetime. The extremely generous donation will allow us to help many more animals at the Swift Current SPCA. Thank you!!

Alysa Young Memorial Dog Walk

https://www.facebook.com/events/517470525096013/517623815080684/ In memory of Lysa, family, friends and animal lovers will once again gather together to cherish her memory. Bring your dog, family, friends or just yourself for the 6th annual walk and join us in remembering Alysa on Saturday October 10th at 2pm at Elmwood park. Everyone welcome and all donations given to Swift Current SPCA.

In Memory of Alysa Young

                                                      Sadly Alysa Young passed away in 2009. During her life Alysa was an advocate for the SPCA and worked with Saskatoon SPCA. She devoted her life to caring and loving every animal she encountered. Since her untimely passing, her family have continued to carry on her fantastic work. The Young family constantly donate food and supplies to our… [Read the full article…]

3rd Annual Dog Walk for Alysa Young

On Oct 13th, friends and family took part in the 3rd Annual Dog Walk in memory of Alysa Young. While not a fundraiser, many of the 50 or so participants donated cash and goods to both us at the Swift Current SPCA and the Saskatoon SPCA, where Alysa had worked. People traveled from far and… [Read the full article…]

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