This week we would like to thank …


– All Saints Catholic School for participating in National Cupcake Day and presenting us with $280

–  Walmart for being our host location for raffle ticket sales

– Remple Janitorial Services Ltd for a donation of cleaning disinfectant

– Reed & Brooklyn Wall for donating a $100 gift card for Pet Valu

– Lindsaye Greke, Stacey Greke & Megan Melvin for making and donating beautiful cat and dog gift baskets

20160312_170104                     20160312_170010

– Shirley Payne for a monetary donation

– Mildred Thomas for a monetary donation

– D&E Wheatland Acres LTD. for a monetary donation

–  The Desautels/Hoffert family for giving a monetary donation in lieu of getting Christmas gifts for each other.

– To everyone who helped make the 7th Annual Kitty Cat Walk Adoption Fair and Fashion show a great success: our volunteers, the SC Mall staff, Beriah Klein, Dorothy Kouri, Kathy Jennings, Staples, our alumni pets and owners, Alia’ N TanJay, Grower Direct/Wildflower Florist, Blue Sky Lingerie and Leisure Wear, Suzanne’s, Ricki’s /Bootlegger and Eclipse and all their models and everyone who came out for the event.